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Tips for LASIK Recovery: Healing Info By ksmmdeye on January 02, 2015

An eye in closeup with a halo around the pupilServing the greater West Orange area, Dr. Kenneth S. Miller has achieved excellent results when it comes to advanced vision care. This is especially true with LASIK surgery, a laser vision correction option that improves eyesight and often eliminates dependence on glasses and contacts.

We'd like to take a moment right now to go over some tips that improve the healing process after LASIK has been performed. This means reducing the severity of side effects and helping patients heal faster.

Rest Your Eyes in the First Day or So

After you undergo LASIK, rest is extremely important. Be sure to avoid activities that may cause eye fatigue or eyestrain, such as reading, watching TV, using the computer, playing video games, and so forth. Focus on resting your eyes to improve your healing time.

Wear Sunglasses and a Hat with a Brim

Your eyes will be especially sensitive to bright lights, particularly the sun. If you are going outdoors, be sure to wear sunglasses and a hat with a brim for at least a week. This will cut down on discomfort while outside and protect your healing eyes from the UV rays of the sun.

Wear Your LASIK Eye Shields

LASIK eye shields are given to wear (particularly as you sleep) to prevent incidental contact or rubbing of the eyes. Be sure to wear these eye shields as instructed in order to prevent complications such as flap problems and infection.

Do Not Engage in Strenuous Physical Activities

Remember the idea of resting your eyes we mentioned earlier? It's important to rest your body as well. Be sure to avoid strenuous physical activities such as major exercise and heavy lifting until your surgeon advises you otherwise.

Be Careful When You're Traveling at Night

Night vision will be drastically changed by LASIK surgery, which can make driving at night more hazardous. Rest assured that your night vision will improve as you heal, but for the first few weeks, be sure to get rides from loved ones or use mass transit when possible.

Avoid Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs Until Advised Otherwise

Swimming pools and hot tubs are potential vectors for bacteria and infection. Yes, even if you're wearing goggles, it's just a bad idea. In order to prevent an eye infection as you heal from LASIK, be sure to avoid pools and spas until advised otherwise.

Avoid Smoky, Dusty, or Arid Environments

Dry, smoky, dusty, and pollen-filled places are important to avoid as you heal as these can all bring about attacks of dry eye syndrome and potentially cause infection as well. Do your best to stay away from these sorts of environments.

Carry Liquid Tears with Your Wherever You Go

On the note of dry eye syndrome, it's also a good idea to carry liquid tears with you for a few months after LASIK. Dry eye is a common side effect of LASIK, so having eye drops that lubricate the eyes at all times keeps you ready to address this irritation and discomfort.

Keep in Touch with Your LASIK Surgeon as You Heal

There will be followups as you heal from LASIK, but be sure to keep in touch with your surgeon in case you have any pressing concerns. The sooner that these can be addressed, the better it is for patient wellness and recovery.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Kenneth S. Miller

For more information about LASIK surgery and how it may be the ideal option for you and your needs, be sure to contact our laser vision correction center today. We at Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey look forward to your visit and helping you achieve excellent vision through safe and effective methods.

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