Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey

Treat Astigmatism to Enhance Your Vision

April 4, 2016 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Astigmatism Lasik Glasses Contact Lenses

The eye doctors at the Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey help patients achieve crisp, clear vision by offering treatment for astigmatism.

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Can Laser Vision Correction Keep Up with “The Myopia Boom”?

March 7, 2016 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Nearsightedness Lasik Glasses Contact Lenses

“The Myopia Boom” is the title of a recent article describing a theory as to why there has been a recent increase in cases of nearsightedness.

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Foundation Fighting Blindness: 2015 Research Breakthroughs

February 5, 2016 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Eye Care

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is an extraordinary organization. Learn about the research breakthroughs it has achieved over the past year.

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Treatments for Farsightedness: Bringing the World Into Focus

December 16, 2015 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Farsightedness Lasik

Farsightedness (hyperopia) is a common refractive error. LASIK, corrective, lenses, and other procedures can improve vision.

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Treatments for Nearsightedness

November 16, 2015 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Lasik Glasses Contacts Prk

At Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey, Dr. Kenneth S. Miller offers various surgical treatments for nearsightedness.

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Doctors Allergy Formula Testing for Eye Allergies

October 16, 2015 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Eye Allergies

The Doctors Allergy Formula (DAF) system is a type of ocular allergy testing system ideal for eye care specialists and their patients.

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MiBo Thermoflo® Treatment for Blepharitis and Dry Eye

September 16, 2015 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Dry Eye Eye Care

The MiBo Thermoflo® represents a breakthrough in the treatment of blepharitis and dry eye, two painful eye conditions.

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Meibography Video Visualization - New Jersey - Eye Care Practice

August 17, 2015 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Dry Eye Eye Care

Meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD, is the number-one cause of dry eye. Our meibography video visualization technology allows us to diagnose MGD.

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Diagnosing Dry Eye Syndrome through Tear Osmolarity Testing

July 16, 2015 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Dry Eye Eye Care

What is tear osmolarity testing? Simply stated, it is the gold standard for diagnosing dry eye syndrome - and setting you on the path to treatment.

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Preparing for LASIK Surgery

June 16, 2015 — by ksmmdeye
Tags: Lasik Eye Care

LASIK involves minimal preparation. However, you will need to stop wearing contacts, arrange for a ride home, and avoid eye makeup before surgery.

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