Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a condition caused by an insufficient amount or poor quality of tears, resulting in eyes that are not properly lubricated or nourished. After diagnosing patients with dry eye, Dr. Kenneth Miller will recommend a treatment plan based on the underlying cause of the condition. For many patients, simple solutions such as a humidifier or artificial tears can alleviate symptoms. Others may require more complex forms of dry eye treatment. If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, contact our West Orange, NJ, office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miller.

 For many patients, something as simple as using a humidifier or artificial tears can alleviate symptoms.

Treating the Underlying Cause

In some cases, knowing what causes your dry eye may lead to successful treatment. For instance, if your dry eye is caused by a medication you take regularly, you can talk to your general practitioner about using a different medication that does not produce this side effect. Dr. Miller may recommend that patients with dry eye caused by rheumatoid arthritis, Restasis, a prescription drop 

woman taking eye drops

Treating Dry Eye with Medication

Dr. Miller may suggest one of several medications for treating dry eye, including:

  • Antibiotics –  Ointments eyelid to the eyelid margins at bedtime, are prescribed on occasion.
  • Prescription Eye Drops – Restasis, a cyclosporine, works on inflammation and increases tear production. 

Other Treatment Options

When treating the cause of your dry eye does not work, and medications fail to help, Dr. Miller may consider alternatives:

  • Punctal Plugs – Your tear ducts work by draining your tears away through small openings called punctae. The doctor can partially or completely close these openings with the use of tiny silicone plugs. Called punctal plugs, they are placed in the openings to reduce tear loss. The plugs can be removed at any time, and the doctor may start you with a temporary plug that dissolves over time to make sure the treatment works for you. Another option, called thermal cautery, uses heat to close the ducts, and is usually permanent.
  • Unblocking the Oil Glands – Traditionally, if your dry eyes resulted from a blockage of the oil glands, you needed to apply warm compresses and thoroughly clean the eyelids for several days at home to unblock them. A new treatment called MiBo Thermoflow uses a small instrument to deliver a warm, gentle massage to open clogged glands. The treatment takes only minutes. 

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