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Combat Dry Eye Syndrome with TrueTear

At the Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey in West Orange, NJ, we are the first practice in Northern New Jersey to offer TrueTear®, an exciting, new, easy to use technology to temporarily increase natural tear production. This drop-free, drug-free method creates a pulsing sensation with a device that stimulates nerves in your nose and encourages the tear glands to produce more tears.

Dr. Kenneth S. Miller and our team prescribe TrueTear for patients with dry eye syndrome. Unlike drops and other medications, this state-of-the-art technology produces real tears which can improve the health of your eyes.

How It Works

TrueTear uses neurostimulation to encourage the production of natural tears. The disposable TrueTear tip stimulates a nerve in the nasal cavity with tiny pulses of energy. The nerve then signals the brain to send messages to the tear glands and temporarily increase natural tear production. When your tear glands react, they produce real tears to moisten your eyes and combat the symptoms of dry eye.

The Benefits of TrueTear

This state-of-the-art technology puts you in control of your eye health. Since TrueTear works quickly, you can experience improved eye comfort in a minute or less. Rather than dealing with drops or other medications, you can stimulate natural tear production. As a bonus, the side effects of this treatment are rare and typically mild.

TrueTear device with and without its cover

TrueTear is a handheld device that can stimulate your natural tear production.

The TrueTear Device

This easy-to-use device consists of four parts:

  • Charger
  • TrueTear base
  • Carry cover
  • Disposable tips

Each tip lasts for two days and should be replaced every 48 hours. The tips are coated with hydrogel, similar to the substance used to clean contacts. Located on the base, two buttons control the intensity of the neurostimulation pulses. The blue LED lights on the base keep track of the strength level. With the convenient size and carry cover, you can take your TrueTear device wherever you go to keep your eyes hydrated on the move.

Since TrueTear works quickly, you can experience improved eye comfort in a minute or less.

Using Your TrueTear Device

You should use TrueTear at least twice a day. If you have more serious dry eye, you can use the device up to 30 minutes in total each day, although you should wait at least an hour between uses. To activate tear production, simply follow a few easy steps:

  1. Turn on the base unit by holding the plus button for two seconds
  2. Insert the tip towards the bridge of your nose with the buttons facing you
  3. Tilt the device away from your face until the tips touch the top and front of the nose
  4. Wait for the pulsing sensation
  5. Hold for no more than a minute or until you feel tears pooling in your eyes
  6. Remove device and clean with an alcohol pad

TrueTear has an one-minute timer so your device should shut off automatically. Make sure to only clean your tips with an alcohol pad and avoid touching the ends. Every 48 hours, throw the disposable tip away and replace it. Your device’s battery should last for two days, so it is best to charge it right before you replace the tip.

Tackle Your Dry Eye Today

At the Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey, we offer a range of treatments for dry eye syndrome. If you are interested in improving the comfort and health of your eyes with TrueTear, contact our office online or call (973) 325-3300 to speak to a member of our team today.

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