Crystalens® Accommodating IOL

The Crystalens® Accommodating IOL

The Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey offers CrystalensHD®, the first and only FDA approved, accommodating, intraocular lens (IOL).  The Crystalens® IOL replaces the eye’s natural lens, whether it has become cataractous or the individual has elected to have a clear lens exchange (CLE).  The Crystalens® IOL is unique because it mimics the eye’s natural focusing ability.  It moves forward in the eye for focus on near objects and back for focus on distant objects.  Crystalens® was designed with small hinges, enabling it to move inside the eye, unlike any other IOL available today.  Conventional monofocal (single vision) IOLs are stationery in the eye and provide a single point of focus, usually for distance; while multifocal (refractive & diffractive) IOLs, also stationery in the eye, are designed with multiple areas of differing power, which allow for more than one point of focus.  The Crystalens® design is unique, utilizing 100% of incoming light rays for all tasks, regardless of range.

Individuals preparing for cataract surgery or clear lens exchange (CLE) have several choices for IOLs, which can be quite overwhelming.  When you arrive for your consultation, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire regarding your expectations after eye surgery.  The information obtained from the questionnaire provides us a better understanding of your visual needs.  After your examination, Dr. Miller will discuss your treatment options and spend the necessary time to explain the benefits of all the various IOLs available.  Patient education is the hallmark of our practice and enables our patients to feel more confident in their decision making process.