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Are you tired of wearing contacts or glasses? Do you struggle with blurry vision but aren't a good candidate for LASIK?

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is an alternative for those who can't undergo LASIK but still want the benefit of perfect vision.

Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey in Whippany, NJ, offers PRK using precise laser technology and advanced techniques.

What is Photorefractive Keratectomy? An Effective Alternative Laser Eye Surgery


PRK is another form of refractive surgery that corrects common vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It perfects the patient's vision and eliminates the need for contact lenses or glasses for most people.

Am I a Good Candidate For PRK Surgery?

Generally, anyone over the age of 18 who is not pregnant or breastfeeding, who is in good general and optic health, and who suffers from blurred vision is a good candidate for PRK surgery. Most patients who are recommended for PRK are unable to undergo LASIK due to two main reasons:
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Thin Cornea

People who have a thin cornea are recommended for PRK. This is because, during LASIK, your doctor is required to create a corneal flap to reshape the remaining tissue underneath. Having a thin cornea makes creating this flap very difficult. Through the PRK procedure, the entire outer layer is removed making it the preferred option for people with thin corneas.

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Active Lifestyle

People who hold active jobs, like the military, or perform strenuous activities or exercise, like boxing, are recommended for PRK. Certain jobs and activities can put a patient's eyes at risk for injury. If a patient has undergone LASIK, they have an increased chance of their flap becoming dislodged and causing complications. 

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Have you been considering PRK in New Jersey? Look no further than Dr. Kenneth S. Miller and the friendly and knowledgeable staff of the Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey.

With over 40 years of ophthalmology experience, Dr. Miller can provide you with a comprehensive plan to meet your vision needs and produce the results you've been wanting.

If you've been told you are not a LASIK candidate, leave a message with our Whippany, NJ, office today to ask questions or request a consultation. Or call: 

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Founded in 1967, the Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey is one of the most highly respected ophthalmology practices providing laser eye surgery in the area.

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Caleb Williams


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I got Lasik this summer, Dr Miller and his team were excellent and the experience was easy, painless, professional, and overall exceptional. The new office in Whippany is great- staff is friendly and helpful, the office is beautiful and spacious.

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Steve Poandl


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I got LASIK done in October and I'm impressed with the exceptional job that Dr Mendelson did.  He made me feel very comfortable both in the consultation and during the procedure.  He was able to deliver better than I expected (I now have 20/10 vision in both eyes)...

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What To Expect During PRK Treatment

The first step when considering photorefractive keratectomy surgery is to call our New Jersey office to set up a free consultation with Dr. Miller, an esteemed eye surgeon who has performed thousands of refractive procedures.
The entire procedure takes only around 15 minutes.
The entire procedure takes only around 15 minutes.


You will come into our New Jersey office to meet with our surgeon Dr. Miller and discuss your medical history, your goals and expectations, and decide on a treatment that best suits your needs.


Topical anesthetic eye drops will be applied to numb your cornea. Then a special device will be placed to keep your eyes open during the procedure to avoid any complications with the laser. You should not feel any pain during your procedure, only mild pressure.

Removing the Epithelium

Once your eyes are numb and you are relaxed, our doctor will apply the laser and remove the outer layer, the epithelium. Our New Jersey practice uses advanced laser technology for the utmost precision. 

Reshaping the Cornea

Once the epithelium is removed, your doctor will reshape the remaining tissue with the laser to correct your refractive error. If you are nearsighted, your cornea will be flattened. If you are farsighted, the cornea's roundness will be enhanced. And if you suffer from astigmatism the cornea will be restructured into a more regular, rounded shape.


Once complete, your doctor will place protective contact lenses for you to wear while your cornea heals. You will need someone to drive you home after your procedure.

What Are the Side Effects Of PRK Surgery?

While considered safe and effective, there is a possibility of side effects with any refractive surgery. The most common side effects include blurred vision, mild pain or discomfort, and dry eyes. These symptoms should subside within the first few days or weeks as your cornea heals itself. 

You should call your doctor if you experience any of the following:

  • Signs of Infection
  • Cloudy Eye
  • Over or Under Correction
  • Corneal Scarring
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Steps To a Smooth Recovery After PRK Surgery

It is important to follow Dr. Miller's care instructions after surgery to ensure the quickest and safest healing.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes

Patients should remain conscious about rubbing or touching their eyes in the following weeks after their procedure. Rubbing and touching your eyes can lead to corneal scarring, infection, or other complications.

Use Medications As Directed

Your doctor may prescribe pain medication or eye drops to help manage symptoms after your procedure. We typically recommend Thera Tears Nutrition (an Omega-3 oral nutritional supplement) and Restasis (prescription eye drops for dry eyes). It is important to keep your eyes moist after surgery as dry eyes can become itchy and increase your urge to rub or touch them.

Resuming Activity

Most daily activities can be resumed within 24 hours. However, more strenuous activities should be avoided for at least a few weeks following your surgery.

Avoid Eye Strain

You should avoid straining your eyes in the weeks following surgery. If you are going outside, be sure to wear sunglasses or protective eyewear so your eyes will not be strained from the brightness.

We Can Help With Costs

Many insurance companies do not cover PRK or other laser correction procedures. However, we offer financing options so our patients do not have to live with the daily limitations of wearing glasses or contacts. With CareCredit® financing, payments can be divided into budget-friendly monthly payments. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

More 5-Star Reviews From Our New Jersey Patients


Teresa Niziol


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I have been seeing Dr. Miller since I was 12 years old.  I have high myopia and have had many challenges along the way.  Dr. Miller has been THE BEST doctor anyone could ask for.  He is an expert in his field.  He is kind and caring and he has made himself available even on his off days.  I can't imagine going to anyone else for my eyes.   One of kind. I'd give him 100 stars if I could.

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Rosalie Soccol


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The experience of going to Dr. Miller and his office has been exceptional. One of the greatest gifts to have is your sight. After having two Cataract operations I was given this gift.  He’s a wonderful man and a wonderful doctor and nothing but positive.  Best wishes always to him for what he gave to me.

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Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey office

Laser Vision Correction Center of New Jersey

Dr. Kenneth S. Miller is a board-certified ophthalmologist with 40 years of experience serving the Northern New Jersey area. He is a member of several professional organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

To schedule a consultation at our practice, contact us online or call us in West Orange, NJ, at (973) 325-3300.

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